Once you receive the responses from agents and if you wish to proceed with anyone option, then you need to provide the details like passenger details and make the payment before the agent confirms the booking..
Agent needs to book the ticket within 24 hours otherwise full refund is processed.
Subject to the terms & conditions at the time of booking, changes can be made.
If after review, the error is found to be from agent side full refund will be processed back to traveler.
We don’t guarantee tatkal booking, but we there is good possibility of getting a confirmed ticket. If not, your money is refunded.
Yes, based on the terms and condition at the time of booking, refund will be processed.
The agent has option to fix the payment expiry time hence the agent should respond only if he certain about the pricing for that period of time. Also on the traveler side, they have an option to specify the range of cost variation acceptable to them during initial payment.
Yes, only with the agent with whom you have made payment for booking so that it can be used during booking.